Programme Aims

With an ultimate goal to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in China and around, the DBA program is designed to nurture business leaders with excellent research expertise and strategic global vision. In this professional doctorate programme, we aim at:

  • Demonstrating adherence to personal and professional ethics; 

  • Equipping the students with advanced knowledge and research capability in a variety of areas, including corporate governance, investment, international finance, global strategy and managerial innovation; 

  • Enabling them to apply research outcomes to real-life cases, enhancing their analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and decision-making strategies; 

  • Broadening the vision and mindset of students, creating synergies from national sentiments and global perspectives; and 

  • Establishing global leadership and innovative spirits of the DBA students in the business world.

On top of academic learning, the DBA Programme also blends in student activities as well as company visits, talks and seminars to make sure our doctoral students benefit from a full scope of training in the programme. It also serves a platform for building up their own network though different activities arranged by our professional programme team.


Doctor of Business Administration Programme Office
HKU Business School
Room 204, Block B, Cyberport 4,
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Hong Kong


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